Luss Feinen

Since 1965 - 1974 : Solo-Clarinette in Harmonie Municipale de Dudelange

Since 1997 trombone in the Big Band of the Echternach Music School

Always available when a Trombone is needed
Fav CD's: All good Jazz tracks

Inspiration : Nils Henning Oersted Pederson
Likes : e gudden Maufel an duerno eng Cigar (good food an cigars)

play's: M.Rath R9 with Monette Prana BT2

highligth: playing Bass-trombone ALL day :)

Nobbes André

With Big Band Spectrum since 2015

Played with :
Philhamonie Ettelbrueck
Turelbacher Musikanten
Nobbie Dixieband (name-giver and founder)
Funky P

Plays with right now

Fanfare Bettendorf
Big Band Echternach
Big Band Spectrum.

Workshop mam Jiggs Whigham
My bone : Bach Stradivarius 42 G

Romain Grimaz

Plays with: Luxkrainers
Tempory help:
Deifferdenger Big Band
puerkess-Bankers in Concert
Fav CD:
Stuff from Toto, Chicago, Ferguson, Sting, Cocker…
Arturo Sandoval & The Latin Train
FES The Armstrong Mutations
On stage with Jiggs Whigham, Nils Landgren, Andrea Toffanelli, Ernie Hammes and Dani Felber.
Participation on World-Folkloriades in Egypte, Sweden, Italy, Japan and Greece.